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CaSPA Board Meet with WA Principals

Posted on 11 September 2017
CaSPA Board Meet with WA Principals

A key role that the CaSPA Board has undertaken in recent years is to meet in each of the 8 State and Territories in order to meet with local principals and come to appreciate the great work that is being done in the name of Catholic Education across Australia. In recent times, the Board has endeavoured to time its visit when the local principals have one of their scheduled meetings - and this was the case when CSPA WA met at Aranomore College on September 11th this year.

The meeting had 4 components:

  • A presentation by CaSPA regarding its work, structure and current projects
  • An interactive session with the WA Principals regarding issues that are of importance to them
    • matters relating to Well Being and growing work pressures on Principals were mentioned
    • as was the small number applying for senior Leadership positions in Catholic College
  • A robust and enegetic presentation from CEWA Director Tim McDonald on current issues in Catholic Education as a result of the work of the current Royal Commission
  • A response from the Hon Sue Ellery - current Education Minister of WA

The CaSPA Board wishes to thank Declan Tanham and the WA Principals for their attendance and warm welcome to the CaSPA Board

Tim McDonald, Director CEWA

Hon Sue Ellery, WA Minister for Education


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