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CaSPA Board Meet with Canberra Principals

Posted on 15 May 2017
CaSPA Board Meet with Canberra Principals

At its recent Board meeting in Canberra, the Directors of CaSPA took the opportunity to meet with a number of local Catholic Secondary Principals and discuss issues of local concern.

A key topic was of course the recent announcement by the Federal Education Minister regarding a review of Funding.  It would seem that Catholic Schools in Canberra are due to face huge challenges if the proposed review of Funding eventuates given the massive reductions each school are due to receive in Federal Government Funding.

The concern expressed by the local principals was, that while the Federal Government is seeking true needs based funding, the local government - in this case the ACT government - are not making comparable committments to Catholic schools.  

The result is a sharp drop in funding to Catholic schools, which in turn will ask parents to suddenly provide significantly more in fees if the schools are to maintain their current level of educational offerings.

At the time of writing, the CaSPA Board is preparing a formal response to the Minister regarding the funding proposal, and we are very mindful of the huge challenges that are facing our colleague principals in jurisdictions such as the ACT. 

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