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CaSPA Board confirms commitment to Social Responsibility Programs

Posted on 11 July 2018
CaSPA Board confirms commitment to Social Responsibility Programs

Above: Teacher Trainees from Solidarity Teachers College conduct classes "el fresco" in war ravaged South Sudan; CaSPA Equity Scholarship winner Daniel Delmage with CaSPA Director Frank Pisano at the Harvard Summer school program.

At its recent Board meeting in July, the CaSPA Board confirmed its commitment to Social Responsibility. The Board believes it has the responsibility to exercise this at both the Global and National levels. As stewards of the resources provided by individual schools and sourced through the 8 State and Territory Associations, the Board is very conscious that funds used for Social Responsibility projects should be used very carefully and also reflect the aims and purposes of CaSPA. As our readers would be aware, the Update does provide ongoing information about current projects and the Board welcomes feedback on these initiatives while at the same time being open to suggestions for future projects.

CaSPA's current commitments are:


  • to meet the tuition cost of a female teacher trainee at Solidarity Teachers College in South Sudan - this College is staffed by a number of former CaSPA Principals who as religious order members, volunteer their time [often at great risk to personal safety] to serve one of the most troubled regions in the world
  • the place of women in Sudanese society is not highly regarded and it is difficult for female trainees to even apply much less complete a teacher training course
  • like so much of Africa, the future for troubled nations will only improve if education is offered globally and ideally through to the secondary years
  • currently CaSPA allocates its annual income received from interest to this project


  • A key component of CaSPA's Statement of Purpose is to promote the Professional Learning of our Principals
  • At the same time we are aware that some communities have limited resources to assist a Principal to undertake courses/education that meet their current needs
  • The CaSPA Equity Scholarship is awarded annually to a Principal from a community with limited resources
  • The Scholarship is valued at $5000 and has been awarded since its inception to:
    • 2017 Mary Farah, St Aloysius, North Melbourne
    • 2018 Daniel Delmage, Trinity College, Auburn NSW
  • If you would like to apply for the 2019 Equity Scholarship - or know a principal who would benefit from this assistance - you are invited to find more information and an application form at this LINK


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