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CaSPA Awards - Winner of the 2018 Excellence in Leadership Award

Posted on 23 July 2018
CaSPA Awards - Winner of the 2018 Excellence in Leadership Award

The winner of the 2018 Award was Kerrie Tuite, who is photographed above receiving award from Robert Clancy of Catholic Super who sponsor the Award as part of their support for Catholic Secondary Principals.
Following is the announcement by President Andrew Watson of the 2018 Award Winner:

I am delighted to announce the winner for 2018 is Dr Kerrie Tuite.

Just a few words about Kerrie's achievements and some of the comments that were part of her nomination:

Firstly, Kerrie's service in leadership in Catholic Secondary schools is:

  • 1998-1999 Ignatius Park College Director of Mission
  • 1999-2001 St Brendan's College Deputy Principal
  • 2002-2008 St James College  College Principal
  • 2009-To date Mount Alvernia College College Principal
Kerrie is seen as an outstanding leader within the Mount Alvernia College community and in the Catholic education community more generally. She is seen as an inspiring role model and mentor by many. Students of the College in particular find in her a model of empowered womanhood.

Kerrie models in her own work the objectives of open communication, sharing, positive self-direction, and professional accountability and success, her personal ability to inspire positive change among more reluctant staff members is potentially a key ingredient to achieving desired cultural change.

She is an acknowledged educational leader among her peers and the wider Catholic education community

Kerrie always is thorough in her approach and institutes feedback to parents and students as a priority. She constantly is in touch with staff through her regular communications, and parents/community around this as evidenced by her website material

Her membership of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission is regarded as very effective because of her strong commitment to the values of Catholic Education, her wide experience, broad vision and thorough approach to Commission business.

She was active in providing input to the Queensland Review of Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance and now serves as a member of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority Steering Committee in relation to the Review's implementation.

Her strong and effective long-term leadership roles within the Association of Catholic Secondary Schools of Queensland, Catholic Secondary Principals Association of Queensland (CaSPAQ) and Catholic Secondary Principals Australia (CaSPA) have involved significant a personal commitment of time and energy. She was recently appointed as a Board Director for the Catholic Professional Standards Board Ltd, which is tasked with ensuring that Catholic organisations are safe places for children and vulnerable people. She is the only educationalist on this board from across Australia.

And Kerrie was the winner of John Laing Award with PAI in 2016 for her sustained lead role and contribution to professional networks and development.

The CaSPA Board are delighted to award to Kerrie our Excellence in Leadership award for 2018.

Congratulations Kerrie

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