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Case Study - Experience as a Deputy Interstate - Trazel Scott

Posted on 23 July 2017
Case Study - Experience as a Deputy Interstate - Trazel Scott
My reflections on taking up a rural posting at Hennessy Catholic College- Young NSW
I have found the decision to get out of my comfort zone and extend my experience to a rural area has been brilliant.
The pro's
  • A new environment professionally and physically
  • A stimulating challenge and opportunity
  • Amazing staff who are professional, highly skilled and totally committed to their students and to the school in a way I have not experienced in the city which really enhances positive school culture
  • Brilliant students who also really appreciate the opportunity they have to attend a school which is a dynamic learning organisation unlike any other in the region
  • A school which is really excelling in the teaching and learning space
  • A total redefinition of my prejudices about "the country"
  • The benefits of being part of a lovely open and welcoming community and a lovely parish.
  • My relationship with my Parish Priest
  • The superb quality of the catholic primary school for our youngest child
  • We have made some lovely friends by getting involved in the local swimming club
  • My new school is very much like my previous school in terms of size, students and staff and this was a pleasant surprise- I thought the rural location would have played a greater role in difference rather than what I discovered
  • It doesn't matter where we live as a family as long as we are together- my husband and I thought that we would really miss our Canberra home however we have deepened our quality family time together, we have less distractions and a much deeper relationship with each other and with our children.
The con's
  • We are further away from our support network
  • It is more difficult to access services in Young (specialists, doctors etc)
  • The commute complicates things for my husband who still works in Canberra
  • Being further way from larger cities is a challenge for staff and to access professional learning opportunities.
I would recommend anyone considering a leadership opportunity investigate taking on a rural appointment. The pro's far outweigh the con's. I know that my development as a Principal in a rural setting will be so much richer than if I had just stayed in Canberra.


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