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Case Study - 20 plus years as Principal - Brian Hanley

Posted on 25 November 2017
Case Study - 20 plus years as Principal - Brian Hanley
Principalship is a paradoxical experience, and it starts with my feeling that I have been Principal for a short, quick time, yet the calendar sees my serving for the twenty-eighth year as Principal of St Monica's College, Epping Victoria in 2018. 

Principalship is a leadership experience and it is the ultimate servant in action.  Principalship is the creative, enterprising, and contemporary living out of a vocation, and it is administration and management.  Principalship is leading adults and motivating them as they in turn teach the youth of Australia.

St Monica's College is a large coeducational College based on two campus in close proximity to each other in suburban Epping, plus a strikingly beautiful rural campus called Ostia in the village of Strath Creek.  Today we are a community of two thousand students and three hundred and twenty staff, a massive increase from my initial year (1991) when there were just on one thousand students.  We have built community, structures, educational programs and transformed adolescents into adults.

My hopes and intentions are that I energize the school community as much as it energizes me; that I contribute to the spiritual nature of the school as significantly as the role of School Principal forms and shapes my spirituality; that the school community likes me as much as I love them even after twenty-seven years.

I base my leadership of this Catholic College on the following foundations:  the Gospels, our Mission Statement, our Good Samaritan Sisters' heritage, a firm belief that we are a School of Educational Enterprise, servant leadership, and a culture where SMC welcomes in and reaches out.  That is plenty to keep me occupied.

I prioritize certain aspects of my responsibilities, and these include recruitment of worthy, talented staff, visibility daily on the grounds and in the classrooms, order, starting a task and bringing it to completion, and I love incorporating beautiful art, gardens, sculptures and modern design into our environment.

I am blest by a loving and supportive wife, family and friends, a loyal team of deputies and senior teachers, colossal Canonical Administrators and Board members, a couple of genuine Principal friends, and personal good health, thanks be to God (and my personal trainer).

In the years ahead, I plan always to be as optimistic and productive as I seek to be each day.  I am truly grateful that our College motto is 'pray and persevere', so handy to pray and persevere as a Principal every now and again.

Brian Hanley
St Monica's College
Epping Victoria
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Sandy 376 days ago
Has the student culture of bullying changed? I hope so as I never want to endure what I did 10 years ago. So many others who felt the same. Such a shame.

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