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Caritas Australia looks to CaSPA for ongoing support

Posted on 11 March 2019
Caritas Australia looks to CaSPA for ongoing support

Above: Paul O'Callaghan [right], CEO of Caritas Australia

On March 13th, Paul O'Callaghan met with the CaSPA Board in Hobart.

Following is a summary of the conversation Paul had with our Directors at the recent CaSPA Board Meeting

  • Paul is happy to come out to schools to talk about Caritas work or he can organize other speakers
  • How can we enhance links between Caritas and schools
  • 190 countries after starting in Germany 10 15 m volunteers around the world / 140 countries are locally administered / respond to natural disasters / 54 years old / 25% of funds from Govt / 70 programs os especially in Timor Leste, PNG, Cambodia, Solomon Islands
  • Mandate to help communities in huge need and in poverty regardless of race or religion
  • Catholic Mission has a similar mandate but it is only for Catholics or Catholic countries.
  • Catholic Earthcare has come under the banner of Caritas
  • Curriculum materials are available for 22 subject areas, Social justice group support, Project Compassion support to school. 80% of funds through Project Compassion.
  • School connections are important for Caritas
  • Would love to have 20 justice educators to get to city and regional areas. Hence, contact with schools is difficult with only 6 people employed currently in the capital cities. Looking for direct contact with schools.
  • Some suggestions for Paul: Connect with congregational schools (eg: EREA & de LaSalle) meetings and conferences / youth leader meetings in dioceses / Contacts with Principal associations / Korero presentations / Principal conferences / Curriculum networks / Find a connection point for young people like World's Greatest Shave / Youth Festivals / Online medium for donations / Charitable Levies at school / Online presence with schools and associations / newsletter link.
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