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Call to ban Mobile Phones in Schools

Posted on 26 September 2018
Call to ban Mobile Phones in Schools
EDUCATIONAL experts have called for a blanket ban on mobile phones in Australian primary schools to ensure children are no longer distracted, socially isolated, or bullied using the technology.
The call comes as the French government banned all students under the age of 15 from using smartphones during school hours, and just months after New South Wales launched an inquiry into whether Australia should follow its lead.

Currently, individual schools are allowed to set their own mobile phone guidelines in all Australian states, even though research has shown struggling students get better marks once smartphones are removed from schools.

About 89 per cent of Aussie students admit to using the devices in class.

Extend After School Care chief executive Darren Stevenson backed France's ban on mobile phone use for young students, saying the devices were an unnecessary distraction and encouraged antisocial behaviour.

"They should only be used as a telephone device," he said.

"They're not an effective learning tool."

From: Herald Sun, Melbourne  by Jennifer Dudley-nicholson

10 Sep 2018
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