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Agree or leave: Perth archbishop

Posted on 26 September 2017
Agree or leave: Perth archbishop
Perth Catholic Archbishop Timothy Costelloe [above] says parents who do not agree with the Church's teachings on samesex marriage can send their children to another school.

"No one is obliged to send their children to a Catholic school, and no one is obliged to work in a Catholic school," Archbishop Costelloe said.

Stressing the need for religious safeguards if Australians vote Yes in the postal survey, Archbishop Costelloe said his concerns went beyond the clergy's right to decline to celebrate same-sex marriages.

He said Catholic institutions should not be prevented from maintaining, defending or promoting the Church's longstanding beliefs on "the institution of marriage, its importance in providing a stable environment in which children can ideally be raised by their natural mother and father (and) the deepest meaning of human sexuality".

Catholic schools existed to provide the best option for parents who wanted their children to get a Catholic education, so those who chose them presumably did so "fully informed of the nature of the institution" they were entering, he said.

Parents who did not want their children to learn in such a context had other options, such as government schools.

"The obligation and capacity of the school to be faithful to the implied contract it enters into with parents as regards to the nature of the education being offered to their children is the real issue to be considered in this matter," he said.

Perth LGBTQI advocate Brian Greig said the Archbishop's fears were unfounded.

He said just because something was legal did not mean that schools would have to teach it or would be prevented from opposing it.

"Abortion, adultery, prostitution and gambling are all legal and clearly this doesn't impact on any Church's longstanding beliefs or teachings within schools," he said. "It will be no different once samesex marriage becomes law."


From: Weekend West, Perth  by Phoebe Wearne 23 Sept 2017

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