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ACSP Executive meets with CaSPA members

Posted on 22 February 2018
ACSP Executive meets with CaSPA members

On Monday Feb 19, 2018 the NSW Catholic Principal Association [ACSP] held its Executive Meeting in Sydney. CaSPA was delighted to receive and invitation from ACSP President - Fran Bonnano - to attend the meeting and provide an update on CaSPA activities.

Representing CaSPA at the meeting were:

  • Andrew Watson - President
  • Rob Laidler - the new CaSPA liaison for NSW
  • Frank FitzGerald - Executive Officer

Maria Pearson [NSW Director for CaSPA] was due to attend but was unable to do so due to ongoing poor health,

The CaSPA President provided some broad background on the structure and organization of the Association and also observed that due to a range of factors, CaSPA has not always been able to engage as closely as it would have liked with the jurisdiction that has the largest number of Catholic Secondary Schools - NSW. This is due to a number of factors including geographical distance, the fact that there are so many different dioceses who tend to work independently of others and the historical "divide" between system and independent Catholic Colleges. This is in sharp contrast to other parts of Australia where despite similar challenges, the Catholic Secondary Principals have managed to form the one network within each State or Territory for support and collegiality.

In order to support NSW Principals to move to a similar arrangement, CaSPA has appointed a NSW Liaison person, Rob Laidler.  Rob is a former Catholic Secondary College Principal, who until recently lead Loyola College in Mt Druitt.  He has now taken up a role where he will meet with NSW principals - both individually and in groups - assist them in their networking with colleagues. As part of this, he is planning to travel to all Dioceses over the course of 2018 to attend scheduled meetings of principals in those networks.

It was also encouraging to see that both the President and Executive Officer of ACSP will be attending the annual meeting of CaSPA Presidents and Executive Officers at the Cairns Confer enc in July this year. Likewise, CaSPA has indicated that all of its Directors have scheduled their May 2019 Board meeting to coincide with the ACSP Biennial Conference in Sydney.


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