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ACARA _ Future Priorities

Posted by Phil Lewis on 3 June 2019
ACARA _ Future Priorities


27 MAY 2019

280 Elizabeth Street Sydney

Learning Progressions & Formative Assessment Development

An Online Tool is proposed to help teachers with resources to assist them in developing the skills and knowledge of students in Literacy and Numeracy related to the Australian Curriculum.
The tool is designed to reduce and assist teachers with workload not add to it
Students and teacher groups being consulted too.
ACARA working in collaboration with AITSL & ESA to develop the tools.

Discovery Phase

Dr Jenny Donovan will lead a "Discovery Phase" in relation to these online assessment tools and will report to the Education Council about the proof of concept in 6 months time.

Reconciliation Action Plan beuing developed. David Carvalho announced that ACARA is preparing an Action Plan to bring the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives into the content of the Australian Curriculum.

NAPLAN Online matters

ESA responsible for the online platform.
Only 5% of online students were affected given option to re-sit the writing test.
Issues being resolved in readiness for 2020 when it is hoped all NAPLAN tests will be online.
New standards will be released when all students online. They will be developed to target higher order thinking and understanding and will be aligned to the expectations of the Australian Curriculum and international benchmarks.
These matters will be discussed with Education Council & State Ministers.

NAPLAN Writing Model

Review into the model to be conducted due to static and some falling results. Is the test style contributing to this trend?

Lowden Report

Lowden report will be out soon and will provide feedback and recommendations about the way NAPLAN is reported on My School.
Stakeholders suggested that "Like Schools" is misleading and not useful and it was reported that only 5% of parents use My School when choosing a school.

Curriculum Program of Research

ACARA has been requested to provide advice to the Education Council in regards to refinements of the Australian Curriculum.
This will be done through the Annual Reports, International research (OECD) and International Comparisons (NZ, BC, Finland & Singapore).

ACARA seeking Association responses from stakeholders to their 4 questions which will inform the Review of the Austrlain Curriculum:
1.Essential Content Is there room for improving content of the AC to allow more depth and rigour over breadth?

2.Place of the General Capabilities Are there better ways of embedding general capabilities into learning area content and achievement standards?

3.Recognition of First Peoples Is the place of Australia's First Peoples appropriately covered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures cross curriculum priority?

4.Support for implementation What should be the focus to better support teachers to implement the AC?

Other News

ACARA seeking Association responses to their 4 questions.
4 meetings / year with Stakeholders intended to continue.
Looking for more connection in Social MediaParent Update newsletter being distributed.
Looking for more engagement with rural and remote communities to identify future actions.
New biennial Stakeholder survey coming in June / July this year
Author: Phil Lewis



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