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A Letter to Our Politicians in Support of AITSL

Posted on 12 August 2018
A Letter to Our Politicians in Support of AITSL

Earlier in the year there were suggestions that funding for AITSL may be impacted.  Fortunately this did not eventuate and their work for education in Australia continues without cutbacks.  The following letter was prepared by one of our Board members to emphasise the importance placed on AITSL by groups such as CaSPA

To all members of State and Federal Governments

I write as a member of Catholic Secondary Principals Australia (CaSPA).

My College is one of nearly 500 Catholic secondary schools that, with Catholic primary schools, educates just on 20% of young Australians.

CaSPA believes in the depoliticisation of education, with all major parties committed to working collaboratively to support the development of education policy that is not subject to change with successive Governments. This will support the continued growth of an education system that best serves our young people  and our future as a nation.

The framework for independent bodies to provide quality advice to government based upon valid and reliable research already exists.
The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) provides national leadership for the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments in promoting excellence in the profession of teaching and school leadership. It is a world leading institute that has the trust and support of teachers and leaders in the Australian educational community. Other countries look to AITSL as a model to emulate.
Similarly, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has revolutionised the curriculum that is available across the country.  Its current focus on developing learning progressions is evidence of its innovative approach to providing  a curriculum that develops the skills necessary for young people to thrive in a rapidly changing world.  (We would also support a review of national testing that is focused on student, school and system growth.)

ACARA has shown that it can work in tandem with AITSL to provide quality advice and direction that can see Australia become a world leader in educational outcomes, both academically and socially (for the emotional resilience of our youth is as important as sound literacy and numeracy skills, and creative, problem-solving skills).

Thus, I - along with my colleague Princkpals - would ask that you take to your party room my support of both AITSL and ACARA, and argue for their continued support, free from political interference.

CaSPA calls for all parties to support the independence of AITSL and ACARA to continue to provide the service that they do to the educational community, as well as sound, evidence-based advice to Government.

Yours sincerely

A. Principal

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