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A Chance to Support your CaSPA colleagues in Remote Schools

Posted on 11 April 2017
A Chance to Support your CaSPA colleagues in Remote Schools

Above: The Kimberley is only one of a number of Remote Areas across Australia that would benefit from the support of Principals in the larger States

The majority of the Australian land mass is regarded as Remote when it comes to providing education for those who live in these regions.

The majority of CaSPA schools are situated on the coast - thousands of kilometers from these Remote Catholic schools.

The former have great challenges confronting them - but also the opportunity for great reward for those who have the courage and dedication to meet those challenges

The latter have well resourced schools and in many cases a large number of highly qualified and committed staff.

The CaSPA Board in recent years, has had a number of requests to seek the assistance of Principals in the major centres to:

  • encourage their staff to consider teaching for a period of time in remote areas

  • provide support and encouragement for staff who have been teaching in remote areas to once again obtain employment in their schools [ it would seem that this is becoming a highly significant problem and one of the main drawbacks for staff considering teaching in remote areas]

As the CEO website for the Northern Territory states:

If you have an interest in understanding and learning Indigenous culture, and enjoy a challenge and an adventure, then life in remote communities can offer very rewarding experiences. Teaching in a remote community can be a career and personal opportunity like no other. As a teacher, you will become an integral part of a close community and will be responsible for arming children with the skills they need for successful futures.

Please contact admin@caspa.edu.au for more information or if you have staff who you believe would like to undertake the challenge and reward of teaching in a Remote Catholic School.

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