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Successful partnerships between employers and training providers: good practice guide

Posted on 11 February 2018
Successful partnerships between employers and training providers: good practice guide
The nature of partnerships between public and private registered training organisations (RTOs) and employers has changed over time, from a relationship primarily based on provision of particular services to one based on longer-term mutual collaborations.

This good practice guide provides insights into developing and sustaining successful partnerships and identifies the potential benefits and challenges of these partnerships. It provides valuable information for both training providers and employers seeking to establish or strengthen a partnership arrangement.


Click her for more details and to download the guide

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Promoting the mental health of principals in 2018

Posted on 10 February 2018
Promoting the mental health of principals in 2018

The mental health of Australian principals in school communities

Here at headspace we've spent years working with schools to improve the mental health of young people. Through this experience we've seen an important area that is not receiving enough recognition or support the mental health of principals.
Principals and teachers experience higher levels of burnout and stress and poorer overall quality of life, when compared with the general population. Yet in the next decade, mental health, resilience and emotional intelligence will rise to be the most critical quality of high preforming school leaders.

It's a fact: there's never been a more important time to invest in principal and teacher mental health. If you work in a school environment and want to reduce stress, improve your outlook and build mental health, the following list is for you. It's a collection of tools and resources that we trust and recommend to help promote a healthy headspace.
In 2018, headspace is excited to be promoting the mental health of principals alongside leaders from all Australian education sectors and Australia Principal Associations. We would also like to acknowledge the work of Smiling Mind, Sleep Health Foundation and Beyondblue.


Click Here for Mental Health Resources for Principals

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Release of February Research on VocEd

Posted on 9 February 2018
Release of February Research on VocEd
NCVER is releasing the following research and data publications in February:
  • Young people in education and training 2016
  • Research messages 2017
  • Government-funded students and courses: January-September 2017
  • Apprentices and trainees estimates review dashboard: 2017 June quarter
  • Data linkage in VET research: opportunities, challenges and principles
  • From school to VET: choices, experiences and outcomes
  • Timeline of Australian VET policy initiatives 1998-2017

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International Mathematical Modeling Challenge

Posted on 8 February 2018
International Mathematical Modeling Challenge

The International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM²C) is a free competition for high school students that aims to promote mathematical modelling to solve problems of real-world importance.

Managed in Australia by ACER, the IM²C sees teams of up to four students from the same school compete to solve a centrally-set problem by hypothesising, testing and developing a working solution. The two best solutions from each participating country are then assessed by an international judging panel.

Registration for the 2018 IM²C open on 31 January for the 13-29 March competition window. For further information, visit


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Project Compassion begins in 7 days - your school is encouraged to support it

Posted on 7 February 2018
Project Compassion begins in 7 days - your school is encouraged to support it
Ash Wednesday falls on the 14 February this year and signals the start of the Lenten period of preparation for Easter.

Caritas Australia's annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal, Project Compassion brings thousands of Australians together in solidarity with the world's poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

The theme for 2018 is "For a just future" and will feature stories about Caritas' initiatives in Nepal, Cambodia, Jordan, Mozambique, the Philippines and Australia.

Educational resources for schools are available via the Project Compassion website.

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