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About CaSPA

Catholic Secondary Principals Australia (CaSPA) is the national peak body for Australian Catholic Secondary School Principals.

CaSPA is a federation of the principals' associations which represent Catholic secondary school principals in all Australian States and Territories.

The objectives of CaSPA are:

  • To contribute to the development of national education policy and practice in Australia;
  • To support improved education outcomes for Australian secondary students including those who are
    socially, economically or educationally disadvantaged;
  • To support the professional development of principals of Catholic secondary schools and others;
  • To provide training and educational opportunities such as conventions, forums and other meetings.

Catholic Secondary Principals Australia is a federated Board created in 1994 by the 8 State and Territory Catholic Secondary Principal Associations. The Board therefore has 8 Directors who are appointed by the state and territory Associations. The CaSPA Board meets formally 4 times a year to advocate nationally for the local associations and respond to national education issues related to Catholic Secondary Education.

CaSPA has developed strong connections national authorities such as the Commonwealth Department of Education, AITSL, ACARA and NCEC in order to keep the practitioner voice of Principals in policy decisions at this level.

In addition, CaSPA has developed close connections and collaborations with other national principal associations such as Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA), Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA), Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA) and more recently the New Zealand Secondary Principals Association. These inter association connections have proven to be a powerful voice in the national landscape of education, as Ministers and Commonwealth education authorities will only consult with national peak associations.

CaSPA's work also provides the practitioner principal voice to the national gatherings of CEO Directors and has a close collaboration with the Catholic School Parents Australia federation.

The CaSPA Board constantly searches for ways to closely connect with local Catholic Principal associations and their members to provide a dynamic and an authentic voice for Catholic Secondary of Principals in Australia. Through its work CaSPA also aims to enhance the mission of the Catholic Church, promote the work and well-being of Principals and constantly improve education for our students.

CaSPA Board members seek to ensure a full flow of information with State and Territory members through regular reports to each of these associations, through the CaSPA email forum, and through the website.




34 Albert St Darley
Victoria Australia 3340