2019 Korero Conference - Adelaide

Keynote Presentation - Monday 15 July

Speaker: Dr Nicole Archard, Principal, Loreto College

Please email Nicole to obtain a copy of her presentation at Nicole.Archard@loreto.sa.edu.au

Keynote Presentation - Tuesday 16 July

Speaker: Professor Martin Westwell, Chief Executive, SACE Board

CaSPA Forum - Tuesday 16 July

Presenter: Loretta Wholley, CASPA President

Workshop 1 - Presentations

Session Title: A Journey of Renewal and Strategic Improvement

Presenter: Dr Kerrie Tuite, Annette Butterworth & Daniel Crump, Mt Alvernia College

Session Title: Future in Focus

Presenter: Louise Murphy

Session Title: Re-engaging Students in Education

Presenter:  Ian Hagen, St Francis' School

Workshop 2 - Presentation

Session Title:  Learning about Learning What I learnt whilst undergoing my PhD studies

Presenter: Helen Steele, Mary MacKillop College

Helen will respond in person to anyone interested in finding out more about her presentation at hsteele@marymackillop.sa.edu.au

Workshop 3 - Presentations

Presentation Title:  Horizon Program - An Independent Learning Program at Catholic College Wodonga

Presenter:  Darta Hovey, Catholic College Wodonga

Presentation can be downloaded from Darta's Blog page

Presentation:  From Values to Action - Helping Students Flourish!

Presenter: Megan Kozak, St Eugene College

Session Title: Women in Leadership: A Harvard Graduate School Experience

Presenter:  Trazel Scott, Hennessey Catholic College

Workshop 4 - Presentation

Presentation: Transition to Life After School

Presenters: Mirella Romeo & Juliana Martino

Session Title: Moving the Organisational Monster: A Partnership of Key Drivers and Processes for Whole School Alignment

Presenter: John Finneran, Principal, Newman College

Workshop 5 - Presentations

Session Title: School Turnaround Leaders: Reflections from Harvard University

Presenter:  Daniel Delmage, Trinity Catholic College

Session Title: Practical, Professional, Participative: SCCVC as a workplace of applied learning

Presenter:  Patrick O'Reilly, Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College

Session Title: Polaris: A New Learning Ecosystem

Presenter:  Adriano di Prato, Marcellin College

Workshop 6 - Presentations

Session Title: "It's Not About You": Shifting the Lens of School Refusal Interventions to Systemic Practice

Presenter:  Martin Wiseman & Dr Shannon O'Gorman, St James College

Session Title: Leading a Culture of Change to Connect Learning and Wellbeing to Positively Impact our Students

Presenter:  Meagan McDonnell & Cath McCole, Nazareth College

Session Title: ReLATE: Creating Cultures of Safety for Staff in Schools

Presenter:  Justin Roberts, MacKillop Specialist School

Session Title: Inspiring Learning: Lessons in Collaboration, Differentiation and 21st Century Classrooms

Presenter: Erin Wedge & Megan Kozak

Erin will email this presentation to anyone interested in finding out more send email to ewedge@bne.catholic.edu.au



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