CaSPA Latest News

  • Ongoing promotion of ACP Connect App and Website -
  • Ongoing CaSPA Conference Registration - Early Bird promotion -
  • Meeting with Associations Forum to discuss CaSPA’s ongoing membership and benefits.
  • Consulting with University of Melbourne re “Schools as Community Hubs Study”.
  • Establish agreement with new Partners – Box of Books
  • Meeting with Athas Concepts in Melbourne to finalise Data Project 2022 and Conference logistics.
  • Prepare Award Certificates with Brighton Trophy Centre
  • Meetings with potential organisations (Tatu & Neil Carrington) to facilitate the 2023 – 2025 CaSPA Strategic Plan in September this year.
  • Letters to both Major Parties
  • Liaising with International Confederation of Principals (ICP) Regional Council meeting in Singapore this September.
Preparing for the meeting with Gerard Gaskin, Executive Director Tasmania to promote ACPConnect and the 2021 CaSPA Survey. Paul Colyer (ACPPA Executive Officer) & Phil Lewis (CaSPA Executive Officer)