President's Message


Dear Colleagues

I hope Term 2 is going well for you and your community.

There has been much happening in May especially with the recent federal election as you would be aware. During the election campaign CaSPA wrote to both major Parties outlining key priorities as published in last month’s newsletter. Recently a reply was received from the Labor Party, which can be read in this edition. No reply was received from the previous Prime Minister and Cabinet. CaSPA looks forward to liaising with the new Government and Education Minister in the future.

CaSPA also looks forward to working with the Coalition of Australian Principals (CAP) in consulting with the new Minister to provide a Principal Stakeholder Voice into education policy in Australia.

 CaSPA was recently invited to participate in AITSL’s HALT Summit in Adelaide. It was a wonderful experience to hear the experiences and achievements of the HALTs form around Australia. The Summit was also a great opportunity for national Principal Associations and Systems to provide feedback to AITSL regarding strategies related to the Australian Teacher Workforce Data, ITE and strategies to increase the number of HALT applications and certifications. The feedback suggested some possible HALT alterations for AITSL’s consideration:

  • Provide multiple pathways to achieve HALT
  • Consider salary incentives consistent across all sectors
  • Link HALT to a post graduate degree achievement
  • Define the role of HALTs in schools

CaSPA will continue to collaborate with Government agencies to provide practitioner input and advocating on behalf of Catholic Principals. In the meantime we have written to the Jason Clare and congratulated him on his appointment as Minister for Education. Hopefully CaSPA will be able to organise a meeting with the Minister in the near future. At the recent CaSPA Board meeting at Sacred Heart College the CaSPA Directors discussed a number of key issues: teacher shortages, status of the profession, Principal well-being, rural and remote recruitment and equity issues. It will be wonderful if we can discuss these issues with the Minister.

I hope you will be able to take some time in the coming weeks to register for the 2022 CaSPA Conference. I look forward to meeting you and your team at our collegial event in Canberra.

Blessings to All

Ann Rebgetz

After 2 years of Zoom Meetings, it was a great experience for the CaSPA Board to meet in person at Sacred Heart College in Adelaide.