President's Message


Dear Colleagues

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter with your families and a well-deserved Term 1 break. Please continue to look after yourselves in Term 2.

It is my pleasure, as President, to welcome our two new CaSPA Partners – Atomi ( and Box Of Books ( Both partners’ products offer increased agency for students in their own learning.  Please keep a look out for some special offers for Catholic Principals. Please support all of our Valued Partners – they all appreciate an opportunity to provide a quote.

There has been much happening in April but of major importance has been CaSPA’s contribution to AITSL’s Initial Teacher Education (ITE) review.

In supporting the ITE Report recommendations, the CaSPA Board has provided the following feedback as areas of importance:

  • Raising the Status of Profession – Incentives are needed to sustain and attract good teaching candidates especially to the rural and remote areas. Bonded style Scholarships could be offered for University.
  • HALT Strategy – The philosophy is good but too difficult to complete and has a time-consuming process. The strategy needs review and future system support with significant salary incentives. Compare other countries with what they have done to achieve high status and pay for teachers.
  • Explore Education Support Workers' pathways into teaching.
  • Need to target more Maths, Science and Industrial Technology teachers. These learning areas are experiencing a shortage across all regions at present. In terms of Maths/Science /Trades there is a drain to other careers as wages higher in other areas.
  • Consider fast tracking programs needed to address teaching gaps – make it really worthwhile to attract mid career applicants into teaching. Teach for Australia needs to be nationally recognised and similar schemes introduced to facilitate the attraction of teaching as a career. Alternative pathways into teaching and much higher recognition of previous achievements in pay scale
  • VET is a massive problem – Universities need to equip graduates with TAE. Alternative registration and training should be recognised for teachers.
  • National Teacher Registration would help recruitment to Rural and Remote areas.
  • Centre for Excellence in Teaching – good idea. Also reference to Finnish model of teacher training and expert Centre supervision where high quality teachers overseeing practical training of student teachers.

CaSPA will continue to collaborate with Government agencies to provide practitioner input and advocating on behalf of Catholic Principals.

I hope you will be able to take some time in the coming weeks to register for the 2022 CaSPA Conference. I look forward to meeting you and your team at our collegial event in Canberra.

Blessings to All

Ann Rebgetz

CaSPA President