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Risk Management - Incident Reporting

Posted on 10 June 2017
Risk Management - Incident Reporting

Notifiable Incident Reporting

It's the second year of CCI's RiskED, where we explore risk management strategies in the education sector.

Last year we took you through what a notifiable incident was and this year we focus further on learning from notifiable incidents and loss, and we get some tips from SafeWork to help your school or college respond to notifiable incidents as they occur.

Sometimes identifying a notifiable risk, or incident, and following up on it is not always easy. Last year, a school was fined where they didn't notify the relevant WHS regulator about a minor fire in a science lab.

The incident occurred when a Bunsen burner tipped, lighting paper during a routine science experiment. The fire left the lab with minor damage and staff and students were evacuated while the teacher extinguished the flames.

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