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Principal Appointments - City versus Regional

Posted on 7 July 2017
Principal Appointments - City versus Regional

In the last Update, data was published in relation to the experience of Principals prior to their current appointments. When this material was presented for discussion with a number of different groupings of principals - including the meeting with Australian delegates at Korero 2017 - the question was asked if there were differences between those taking up "City" appointments and those going to "Regional" schools.

This data set looks at this issue. 

City schools are identified as those based within the identified area of Capital cities of the 8 States and Territories i.e. CBD and surrounding suburbs, while Regional schools are identified as those in all other areas. Overall there is close to 2 City schools for every 1 Regional school in our CaSPA community - the actual ratio is 63%:37%.

The 4 categories [in order of frequency] that see a proportionally higher appointment rate in Regional schools than in City schools are:

  • Deputies being appointed from Interstate
  • Deputies coming from a non school position of leadership e.g. consultancy [even though these people have had school experience in their earlier careers]
  • Deputies moving to the Principal position in their current school
  • Primary principals taking up Principalship in a Secondary school

We are delighted to see some background stories to some of these situations in the Case Studies section of our Updates. We thank our colleagues for sharing their experience and look forward to more of these Case Studies being forwarded to for publication in Updates in the future


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