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Jurisdiction Presidents and Executive Officers Meeting with CaSPA

Posted on 11 July 2017
Jurisdiction Presidents and Executive Officers Meeting with CaSPA

Above: Presidents and Exec Officers met with the CaSPA Board in the very picturesque city of Queenstown, July 2017

The Presidents and Executive Officers are invited to meet annually with the CaSPA Board.  These meetings have proved to be valuable opportunities to look at issues related to Catholic Secondary Principals from both a National and State or Territory perspective. In 2017, the Korero Conference in Queenstown, New Zealand was the venue of this year's National Meeting. We took the opportunity to welcome the new Executive Officer for Western Australia - Denise Moola - to our meeting.

Following are some brief notes on the issues covered in the meeting:

 Introduction Vice President Andrew Watson welcomed all to the meeting

  • Those attending introduced themselves and gave a brief overview of their jurisdictions

Gonski 2.0

  • A variety of views were presented from each jurisdiction

CaSPA Finance 2016/17

  • For the year ended 30 June 2017, CaSPA traded at a small cash loss
  • This was essentially due to the wind up of the 2016 Conference
  • It is anticipated that levies will remain at 50 cents per student for all jurisdictions

Principal Well Being

  • CCI have prepared a report based on the information Prof Riley has extracted from the Catholic Sector
  • It is encouraging to see that this data is in fact in line with our perception of the typical stressors for Catholic Secondary Principals
  • It is also confirmed our view that the much publicised physical violence to Principals was not a factor in Catholic Schools, but rather in other sectors even though Riley emphasises this when he makes his annual report to the media

2017/8 Scholarships and Awards

  • Jurisdictions were encouraged to put in submissions for these Awards from their local principal groups
  • It is important to note that the Principal will actually need to be registered at Cairns 2018 to have their nomination processed
  • The exception to this is the Equity Scholarships, where it is hoped a Principal from a school in a low SES area can be supported in their PD

Principals' Awards and Conditions

  • The preliminary report in this area indicates that there is anything but consistency in the way Principals' conditions are being treated
  • In a number of insistances Principals are at a considerable disadvantage in the manner in which the Awards are presented to them by the Employing Authority

2018 National Conference

  • Kerry Swann gave an outline of the program
  • Save the Date information will be published shortly
  • Registrations will open early 2018

Data Project

  • Jurisdictions were thanked for their support
  • Naturally it would add to the integrity of the data if there was a high collection rate in all jurisdictions
  • This material is becoming useful in a number of areas including supplying data on work value and career options for Catholic Secondary Principals

CaSPA's Social Justice Responsibility

  • Our support for the Catholic Teachers College in troubled South Sudan will hopefully be an ongoing work of CaSPA

Next Meeting:

  • To take place at the National Conference in July Cairns 2018
  • It would be most encouraging if all Presidents and Executive Officers could not only attend but also be registered for the Conference.
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