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Meritorious Service Award

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The CaSPA recognises that there are many examples of extensive service by individual principals that contributes significantly to Catholic Secondary Education in Australia.  This Awards is designed to recognise those principals who have provided such meritorious service during their terms in Leadership


It is understood that there are many aspects to an award such as this and the following are provided as examples of possible categories:

[A] Longevity of Service

  • To be eligible for this recognition, the person being nominated needs to:
    • o have completed either 15, 20 or 25 years as a Principal in Catholic Secondary Schools in Australia since the previous CaSPA National Conference
    • o Be registered for, and attend the Conference where the Award is to be made
  • This service does NOT need to be either
    • Continuous, or
    • In the one jurisdiction

[B] Representative Service

  • To be eligible for this Award the person being nominated needs to:
    • have completed a minimum of 12 years as a Director for CaSPA, or office bearer [president, secretary, treasurer or equivalent] on a Jurisdiction Executive
  • - This service does NOT need to be either
    • Continuous, or
    • In the one jurisdiction
  • - The service may be concurrent e.g. a person may be President of their jurisdiction for 3 years, while during the same years serve as a Director of CaSPA.  For the purpose of this award, such service would count as [ 3+3 = ] 6 years eligibility.

Nomination Protocols

Nominations for the Service Award in each State and Territory will be open to all Secondary School Principals working within the Catholic Education Sector who are members, through their State/Territory Principals' Association, of Catholic Secondary Principals Australia [CaSPA].

Such nominations, together with appropriate service details, will be made to the Executive of the Catholic Principals' Association in each respective State and Territory for confirmation.

State and Territory Associations will confirm the service details and will forward all eligible nominations to the CaSPA Board no later than 3 months prior to the National Conference where the Awards are to be made.

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